Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do you have the Disease?

Bob Hiltz and Chris Wilkins's Chatham Kent Comp is now spreading around town, infecting host after host with sweaty palms, shaky legs, and bouts of involuntary dancing. Originally intended to be a a compilation for CK bands who regularly played Legion shows, the roster was extended to bands from across Chatham kent of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Davis Block, The Burnouts, The Long Lots, The Grave Misunderstanding, Finding Core, Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints, Stillframe, Leia Weaver, Sarah Hiltz, Prophet Limbo, the Peace Leeches, Watchtower, Us and Omens, How Dare You, the Tom Lockwood Blues Band, Southwest Blues Review, the Ruthless C*** Killers, not to mention Underwater Solitaire and Observatory make up the 19 song track listing.

BUY a copy from us, or from one of the involved bands, or from Frank's Music (downtown Chatham). Thanks for thinking of and including Effortless Records on this Bob! We're very proud to be included on this excellent compilation.

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